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a rambling & poetic autoethnography of
western occult magic as a pathway for
environmental learning & advocacy

The first graphic novel of its kind, Witchbody is a meandering synthesis of autoethnography, magic theory, and philosophical speculation. It is full of wonder at what it can mean to learn and teach and change and grow in this world which belongs to all of us: you, me, plants, trees, coffee cups and garbage bins. What can it mean to be a witch today, in the city?


2016 Doug Wright Spotlight Award Nominee

2016 LGBT Youthline Outstanding Achievements in Post-Secondary Academic Environment Award Winner

I made this work as – more or less – my Masters thesis in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Education. It seemed pointless to write a stuffy paper that perhaps only three or four people would ever read. I wanted to make something that was an exhale containing my soul, and so I decided to make a comic book about magic. Magic is my lifeblood, it is my lens, it is how I feel and interact with others. It is all of those things, and more. This book is an illustrated essay about how techniques of magic can re-orient the practitioner to see non-human bodies and relationships in different ways.

Part activist, part academic, part rant, part poetry, part magic: all illustrated.

My practices as an illustrator, writer, and witch are all intermingling, entangled. These creative processes are my way of working out similar things using different methods and media, but the creative fire that emerges comes from the same inspiration and intuition. I want to help push forward conversations about magic, life, death, change, transformation, environment, learning, growing.

I want to help us see our own stories, and to encourage the writing of new ones.

I created this book to be a talisman.

It will show you your relationship to it, where you have touched it and where you have been. It will draw your attention to the marks you are always making. It will show you that it can mark you, too.

Risograph printed, black ink never really dries. While it will never get on your clothes, after extended reading you may find your fingers stained just slightly, and on each creamy page, if you look closely, you’ll be able to see fingerprints (inky, yours): barely noticeable. This book is about objects. It is about how the world pushes back on us, how it shapes our bodies, creates our forms, curates our creations.

Will you accept its invitation?


Buy the Book

Crazy news! After doing four risograph printings of Witchbody (300, 600, 600, and 1100, respectively), I am beyond elated to announce that it has been acquired by Weiser Books and will be released by them in March 2019!

You can pre-order the Weiser edition at any of the links below. This edition will be released everywhere March 1, 2019. Please contact your local book shops and witchy stores and suggest they stock it!

Weiser has also generously released a little e-reader sampler for your perusal! You can check this out by clicking here.

If you have any questions please send me an email to: sabrinadraws [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you’ve read the book and liked it, please consider sending me a few words that I can list here as testimonial! Or, please write an Amazon review. I’d love to hear what you thought.


Brick & Mortar Stores

Until March 2018, Witchbody is available at the following locations. After that date, you can find it wherever books are sold!

The Beguiling (Toronto – Kensington Market)
Page & Panel (Toronto – Yonge + Bloor)
Knife | Fork | Book (Toronto – Kensington Market)
Likely General (Toronto – Roncesvalles)
TKVO (Toronto – Dundas West)
Glad Day Bookshop (Toronto – Church + Wellesley)
Concordia Co-Op Bookstore (Montreal, Quebec)
Elemental Book & Curiosity Shop (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Hinterland (California – Occidental)
Bluestockings (New York City – Manhattan: Lower East Side)
Catland (New York City – Brooklyn: Bushwick)
Desert Island (New York City – Brooklyn: Williamsburg)
Friendly Neighbourhood Comics (Massachusetts – Bellingham)

Treadwells (London, England))



Featured in Nylon Magazine’s Witchy Gift Guide 2017
Featured in university courses at the University of Toronto, Concordia University, and Mount Holyoke College



“Cerebral, passionate, and beautifully drawn, Sabrina Scott’s Witchbody invites us to consider our connection not just to nature but to what we normally consider outside of nature. A highly distinctive and engaging book.” —Joe Sacco, author of Palestine

“Sabrina Scott’s Witchbody is a welcome and much needed reminder of the sheer physicality inherent in witchcraft and of the power and pleasure which that provides. Magic is in your body and in all bodies; human and non-human alike. Witchbody will ground your witchcraft practices and recalibrate your magical vision. It has benefit for all readers but especially for the modern witch.”  —Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, and other books of magic

“Sabrina Scott has created a morbidly beautiful graphic novel that encompasses what it means to be a witch in today’s world. By tackling the Earth's issues straight on through her own form of magic and creativity, she’s helping all readers not only get in touch with their power but do so on a wider scale that may raise the strength of the planet our bodies call home.” —Sophie Saint Thomas, GQ, Allure, Playboy, Vice, and co-host of the sex and spirituality podcast The Serpent Cast 

“Reading Sabrina Scott’s beautiful graphic novel Witchbody has been a transformative experience for me. I hope that the messages of Sabrina’s work, their perspectives on ecology, materiality, nature and magic, will feel relevant to everyone who reads this.” —Beth Maiden, Little Red Tarot (click to see full review)

“One of the most wonderful things to witness is when a person shares something they care deeply about, in a manner devoid of condescension, imbued with pure love for their subject and a desire to give some of that joy to others. This experience is what you get in Witchbody by Sabrina Scott, a beautifully illustrated, heavily researched, thoughtfully-written work of art on western occult magic, the body, and environmental activism. In Witchbody, Scott introduces some of the central ideas of western practices of witchcraft, including the notion of understanding non-human others as having a right to exist, and having their own identities. She ties up these notions with the need to respect and stay in awe of our environment, whether that environment is a forest smelling of decay or a cityscape reeking of trash heaps. Scott shares her deep respect for the objects in her environment, and for the creatures and people who occupy the world around her. She affirms that ‘others are worth fighting for, advocating for, caring for–regardless of how knowable or unknowable they are.’ The book celebrates the alienation we experience at inhabiting our own bodies and never fully knowing the experiences of others, insisting that this separation is a site where we can build respect and humility toward our fellow beings. witchbody is a manifesto for a modern witch, but far beyond that, it is a guidebook for anyone who feels disconnected from their surroundings, and seeks to feel grounded among their fellow humans, non-humans, and world.” —Nicole Partyka, Broken Pencil (click to see review in situ)

Witchbody is gorgeously illustrated with clear line drawings done in black ink, rich with unexpected details: a skull here, a fox there. Tiny bees. The text is handwritten and, charmingly, mistakes are scratched out, which also serves to heighten the sense of intimacy with this very human work. The illustrations exemplify the theory presented in the text as practice. Cleaning garbage out of a lake while philosophizing about our connection to what constitutes our natural world, finding beauty in trash bin, and finding peace in urban settings. Urban environments have their own charm, their own nature, and if we disconnect ourselves from that, we’re missing out. witchbody is smart, beautiful, and highly recommended.” —Psyche, Spiral Nature (click to read the full review)

“An immaculate blend of divinely derived personally transformative gnosis and powerful female centred alchemy, Witchbody is Sabrina Scott’s most notable work to date. Worthy of its acclaim. This graphic novel is one part creative comic work of art and one part work of magic. It’s narrative style is personal, unique and spellbinding.” —Renee G.

Witchbody is a gorgeous book with illustrations that make you linger on every single page. Accurately described by the author as ‘meandering synthesis of auto ethnography,’ this is a story I have re-read many times and I always see something new. The pages seem to breathe as you turn them. The smell of ink floats off the pages as you turn them and vivid descriptions create a piece of art that you savour. This should be a required read for every city dweller who’s never found the words to describe the beautiful grime and bustle and happiness that comes with living in the heart of a downtown neighbourhood. And I’m all the richer seeing my city through the eyes of an introspective witch. The pace of the story felt like a guided meditation that I really needed to take. As cheesy as it may sound, this book brought me a new awareness of the city I often bustle through in a rush… I love that the authors story has made me more aware and thoughtful instead of passing through the motions in a dense population. Treat yourself to something lovely and pick up this book!” —Julie H.